EMPAS Poultry Processing Company was motivated by the call to all Gambians, Corporate and Individuals to go “Back to the Land” to grow what we eat. An effective “back to the land” agenda will not only provide food for the masses, it will provide employment in great numbers, increasing the buying power of the many and consequently the national domestic product.

EMPAS is an investment of E.M HOLDING, a social enterprise private equity firm that has been involved with major projects including Elton, FIBank, and The Mandinary depot amongst others. The founder of EMPAS, Edrissa Mass Jobe believes that the only solution to poor nutrition and food insecurity is in expanding food production in Africa. “We believe in achieving food adequacy through local food production, not by mass production but by production by the masses”.

EMPAS Poultry Processing Company seeks to produce a 100,000 dressed broiler and 2 million eggs per month for the Gambian market and its integrated poultry project consists of:

  1. A hatchery with capacity to produce 100,000 chicks (layers and broilers) per month and supplied to out-growers to nurture.
  1. A slaughter and processing plant with capacity to process 1,500 broilers into dressed chicken per hour.  


The unique value proposition for “Moggie” Chicken (Fula word for Good) is that it is produced locally mainly by women and youth and the premise of the “Moggie”out-grower scheme is highly inter-related and cannot be addressed by a single discipline approach, yet poultry are the smallest livestock investment a village household can make.



Poultry Farming contributes to household food security - It helps diversify incomes and provides quality food, energy, fertilizers and a renewable asset. Consumption of eggs and poultry provides a valuable source of protein in the diet.

Hitherto, day old chicks were imported from Senegal and Europe with huge losses en route. EMPAS POULTRY seeks to capitalise the development of a sustainable poultry industry involving women and youths and would create employment (180 employees directly and 250 employees indirectly).

EMPAS Poultry Processing Company is grateful to GIEPA for their encouragement and more importantly for the Special Investment Certificate which has contributed greatly to making our project financial viable.