About Export Development

The Business and Export Development Department is mandated to develop export businesses and promote Gambian exports, the department has two units:

  1. The Business Development Unit in-charge of developing export businesses at enterprise-level
  2. The Export Development Unit in-charge of promoting Gambian exports

The diagram below summarizes our work in the department.  


1. International Trade Resource Center–This center marks GIEPA’s commitment to provide services and information assistance to exporters, intending exporters, and the Gambian business community in general. It housed useful trade information thru specialized collection of business information sources in electronic and printed formats, focusing on international trade such as foreign trade statistic, tariff data, product and market profiles/reports/surveys, business opportunities, business guides to investments, international commodity prices, trade directories, selected trade-related websites, product catalogs featuring latest trends and designs in the market/fashion, periodicals and other market intelligence resources.

    • How to access: Walk-in to GIEPA’s International Trade Resource Center during office hours
    • RequirementsIdentification Card

2. Export Business DevelopmentThe Business and Export Development Department works to develop businesses to become an exporting business through the following services:

   A. Export Business Development– An export advancement service given to an exporting enterprise or an enterprise  which has the potential to

    •  How to access: Send an Expression of Interest to GIEPA to participate in the Program
    •  Requirements: Certificate of Business Registration

B. Given the supply-side challenge in Gambian exports, GIEPA through the Business  and Export Development Department continuouslyconceptualizes new export  product and businesses in the country. We have latest business plans are available for investment in products and businesses in the Gambia.

    •   How to access: Send an Expression of Interest to GIEPA to invest in new export products and businesses
    •   Requirements: Proof of Availability offund

          C. Enable Export Business Environment– We believe that key to the development of exporting businesses is the creation offavorable exporting business environment and access to resources. Our work in this                includes facilitating cross-border trade, lobbying & advocacy, and facilitating access to resources

    •  How to access: Send an Expression of Interest to GIEPA to facilitate cross-border trade & access resources
    •  Requirements: 1. Certificate of Business Registration.  2. Exporter’s Certificate from GIEPA

3.Export Development:

          A. Trade Intelligence– Export market knowledge is the lifeblood of an exporting business, we provide insight, commentary, and profile of your intended export market 

    •  How to access: Send an Expression of Interest to GIEPA for an advise on export market and to have trade intelligence report on your intended export
    •  Requirements: Certificate of Business Registration

           B. Export Promotion–We offer program for participation in international trade fairs and trade mission to export market

    •  How to access:Send an Expression of Interest to GIEPA to access our export promotion services
    •  Requirements: 1. Certificate of Business Registration  2. Exporter's Certificate from