Who We Are

The Gambia Investment & Export Promotion Agency (GIEPA) is the national agency established by an Act of Parliament in July 2010 responsible for the promotion and facilitation of private sector investments into The Gambia. 

In offering investor–facilitation services, the Agency acts as investors’ first point of contact provides information on relevant procedures for setting up a business and helps form the necessary network of contacts in The Gambia for successful business operations.

 GIEPA advises and collaborates with the Government of The Gambia, the private sector and civil society towards developing a globally competitive business environment. Key functions centre on promoting the exportation of Gambian goods, developing and regulating The Gambia’s only business park, formulating investment promotion, export and enterprise development strategies, employment creation and wealth generation through private sector led growth as enshrined in the Vision 2020 as well as the Program for Accelerated Growth and Employment (PAGE, 2012-2015).

Mission Statement:

“To promote a conducive environment, attract investments, develop exports and support businesses with the overriding objective of contributing towards employment creation and wealth generation.”

Vision Statement:

“A world class agency that promotes and facilitates private sector led growth.”