Gambia Horticultural Enterprises (GHE)

Gambia Horticultural Enterprises (GHE) is a multi-purpose agri-business company

engaged in the entire horticultural value chain. It was established in 1991 with the overall goal of commercializing the horticultural sub sector in the Gambia. It comprises of six major centers namely GHE Garden Centre ( deals in seeds, fertilizer, pesticides, garden tools and equipment), GHE Foods (seeds, fresh vegetables and fruits, process agro-foods and drinks), GHE Agro-Food Machinery and Equipment Centre (sells farm machinery and equipment, agro-food processing machinery and equipment), GHE Farms (produces fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts seeds and honey), GHE Agro-food Processing Centre (manufactures agro-foods and drinks) and GHE Services (pest control, landscape gardening).

GHE works with small producers particularly women and youth groups in production, collection, processing, distribution and marketing of fruits and vegetables to improve their socio-economic development. Mangoes (fresh and processed) and tropical off-season and fresh vegetables such as green beans, chilies and aubergine) are the biggest export products. Other fresh and processed tropical fruits, vegetables and nuts such as cashew and groundnuts are also grown and marketed in the local, tourists and export markets.

GIEPA, the one stop shop for investors, the ministry of trade, industry, regional integration and employment and the ministry of agriculture played crucial roles in the success of GHE, they provided support, technical assistance, information, incentives and encouragement for GHE to invest, grow and be competitive. The business environment in the Gambia is highly conducive for investments particularly in the agriculture sector.